From Governments to Research organizations like the Explorers Club, Scripts Institute, and the Royal Geographic Society - 7CGEO offers a wide range of capabilities from underwater research, to vessel support, and at sea cyber capabilities in support of mega yachts and land based operations - 7CGEO supports global based operations; however,

our expertise is supporting operations primarily in and around the African Continent.

Cutting edge technology


Whether its on Water

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Underwater operations

Support of ecological monitoring operations (EMO)

Support of ecological monitoring operations (EMO)

Be they diver based, autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) or research and observation from our Triton submersible - 7CGEO has the capabilities to handle critical maritime based operations from the smallest project to large scale programs containing a great deal of complexity.

Support of ecological monitoring operations (EMO)

Support of ecological monitoring operations (EMO)

Support of ecological monitoring operations (EMO)

 Maritime and land based operations in support of governments, U.N. organizations, and Non Government Organizations (NGO's).

Charter Operations

Support of ecological monitoring operations (EMO)

Cyber Assessments and monitoring

 Both tourism based and Research and Development as well as Exploratory in nature. Our Senior Partner is a Fellow of the prestigious American based Explorers Club and has lead dozens of global based expeditions in addition to his more than 140+ trips to the African continent.

Cyber Assessments and monitoring

Cyber Assessments and monitoring

Cyber Assessments and monitoring

Both maritime and land based.

Linguist Support

Cyber Assessments and monitoring

UAS Operations and Analysis

Over 22 in house languages - Senior Partner speaks 6 African languages and multiple dialects.

UAS Operations and Analysis

Cyber Assessments and monitoring

UAS Operations and Analysis

Both maritime and land based.



For when you need a bigger boat

A state of the art vessel, ready with everything your operation needs.


The Bridge

The bridge is high-tech nerve centre, with highly advanced communications technology. Situated higher than the bridge of a comparable pleasure vessel, it offers a commanding view of surroundings. Its high-response navigation systems ore updated on a regular basis.

All systems con be monitored from the bridge at all times. The Captain maintains complete control of the vessel's situation and any possible issues - before they emerge.


Engine Room

Precision and efficiency down to the smallest nuts and bolts: the engine room is a living example of engineering excellence. Four massive diesel MTU 16V 4000 M63L engines, each with an output

of 2240kW (equivalent to 3046hp) and operating at 1800 rpm provide the muscle needed to master any situation.

Including gearboxes, these powerhouses weigh in 12 metric tons each, four propellers put this overwhelming power into action

and guarantee superlative behavior at a cruising speed of 15 knots and top speed of 21 knots. Three Cat C9 generators produce 200kW eoch, while on auxiliary Col C4.4 TA delivers 89.6kW if required.


Scuba Diving

 7CGEO is well trained and outfitted to undertake scuba expeditions and diving excursions  (air, Nitrox, technical) on a global basis.  Our Divemaster’s are medically qualified and our vessels are specially equipped to handle post dive issues including barometric trauma.  All of our vessels have full medical facilities (some with a full hospital facility) and barometric chambers allowing us to loiter in remote and austere environments around the world.  7CGEO is prepared to handle both humanitarian operations and stability operations in Africa and the MENA region and assist in CASEVAC operations where required. 


Triton 3300/3

Capable of diving to depths over 1000 meters (3000 feet) 7C's Triton submersible capability allows our team to provide support to a wide range of clients that include Governments and Research organizations alike.


Professional Crew

From our exceptionally qualified Captain to our extremely seasoned crew - 7CGEO's highly motivated and cross functional teams stand ready to assist you with your ever changing  requirements at sea and on land.

Note: 7CGEO’S Damen built Expeditionary and Support Yacht 6711GEO was sold in November of 2019 following a successful journey to Croatia having passed through the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas spending several weeks along the Dalmatian coast.  7CGEO currently has two vessels under construction with delivery dates for early 2021 and Mid 2021 respectively.  One Vessel is being constructed to handle global expeditionary work while the other is being designed as a fully functioning hospital ship with 30 beds capable of handling full trauma and emergency surgery services.  Please contact for additional information. 

Delivered in 2014, 6711 is an ultra-tough 67.15 meter DAMEN Sea Axe that serves as an Expeditionary and Support Yacht for Global Operations.

Not only does 6711 pack about a dozen tenders and a treasure trove of toys, she's set up to ensure the seamless operation of multiple vessels in a support role. In the bridge, which resembles a flight control tower because the helicopter operations further aft are controlled from here, is a digital planning touchscreen that connects to all the movable kit on board.

6711 has a tracking system on all tenders and toys, including the helicopter. The vessel provides spacious accommodation for all the crew needed to work the vessel, who if required can also beef up service to other vessels in a support role.

The massive aft helideck of 6711 - with a 14 meter D-Value - can take the biggest commercial helicopters on the market, including the Airbus AH-145, AH-136 or Ecureuil,

Agusta Westland AW119 or AW109, Bell 505 or 429. There's also a refuelling station under the deck with about 5,000 litres of Jet A-1 fuel.

The real benefit of a chopper set-up this substantial is range: "250 miles at about 150 knots, so about two hours. 6711 has instantaneously capability available at all times of the day as well as for medical emergencies. The pilots live on board, as well as the engineer, so the crew is five minutes away from taking critical personnel and staff anywhere in

the world.

This frees up 6711 and the vessels / operations she is supporting to roam more freely than other boats. In an expeditionary role 6711 is seamless in her global operational footprint as 6711 can entirely be refuted and restocked at sea. Rather than sitting in port near the airport for the critical personnel to arrive by car or touch-and-go chopper, then spending a day slogging to the intended destination, the owners and critical crew can go straight to the boat at an idyllic anchorage prior to pushing off on a global expedition.

With a maximum depth of 1,000 meters, 6711 's three-person Triton 3300/3 is used most often to dive to between 50 and 500 meters - a trip to full depth would take five to six hours. Getting the sub into the water, via a crane, is a 13 person job but underwater she's autonomous. The pilot can grab items underwater with the manipulators - With this one you can manipulate quite large objects; it is quite delicate so you can pick up very small things and there's a line cutter there. It all runs on hydraulics, so they're very strong, great for recovery operations where a capability to lift small and sensitive items is assured.

6711 has world-roaming ranges, but that means little if you're forced into port for repairs. Our general brief is that we can never let the tenders and other gear, especially the ones that the owners and Research teams uses, fall into disrepair - they can never have any downtime. 6711 therefore, has a vast engine room workshop where spare parts can be milled, a lift that lowers the vessels go fast boats and super tenders and water toys from the deck to the garage below, and a crew that includes experts in every element likely to go wrong.

The grand lower deck dive centre is one of the best set-ups outside of a full-on school. Definitely better than any other boat in yachting. It's one of the few areas on board that guests and researchers tend to congregate so it has more teak than the rest of the boat. But this space is about action, not aesthetics. Kit runs from what could be called 'normal' equipment, such as BCDs and regulators for about 12 divers, to high-tech equipment for open circuit 'blowing bubbles' diving for 12 - including cutting edge Poseidon Se7en rebreathers. There's also a stash of cool extras, such as full-face masks offering  communication with each other, the surface and the sub, and underwater scooters that allow divers to zip about beneath the waves.

We can do technical diving because we have the capability to mix our own gases on board - nitrogen, helium and oxygen - which allows us to have safer dives and to go deeper. The deepest we go is 100 metres; however, we have the ability to go much  deeper as we have a custom hyperbaric chamber adjacent to the hospital room in case any of our team or researchers get the bends.