Michael J. Cyrus


Senior Partner Team



Michael J. Cyrus is a Principal and serves as a Senior Partner with Allen Tactical Security and Consultants LLC. Mr. Cyrus is also the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer for SteelRiver Partners headquartered in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY. SteelRiver Partners is a leading independent investment firm focused exclusively on private investments with ~ $2.0 billion of invested equity from across the world. Michael currently serves on numerous company boards and is the current CEO of the California energy utility, Trans Bay Cable LLC.

Mr. Cyrus has over 25 years of executive leadership positions across numerous industry sectors. He served as unit CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Cinergy Corp, where he managed ~10,0 00 employees and built one of the United States largest and most successful energy utilities and trading platforms, and managed the largest non-nuclear electric generation fleet in the US.

Michael also has extensive international experience having built and operated companies in Europe and Africa. These operations include UK acquisition of Midlands Electric utilities, wind generation in Spain, district heating facilities in the Czech Republic, and large natural gas operations in Canada. Michael was CEO and managing partner of Attikki, the joint venture company comprised of the Greek government, Shell Energy, and Cinergy Inc. and were awarded a 30-year franchise for the development and operation of the sole natural gas system in Greece's Attiki region. Mr. Cyrus developed Estonia's Narva Elektrivork, an electricity distribution network in eastern Europe. In Africa Mr. Cyrus had responsibilities for the first privately funded energy plant, Kipevu II power project ($86M), in Mombasa, Kenya, and Copperbelt Energy Corp. supplying electricity to cobalt and copper mines in Zambia.

Michael is a graduate of Harvard University's Advanced Management Program, Mahler School of Advanced Management, and The Center for Creative Leadership. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration from the University of Arkansas.