Steaphan Weir


Senior Partner


Steaphan Weir currently serves as Senior Partner of Global Business Operations at 7CGEO a multinational company focused on providing maritime goods and services in conflict and post conflict emerging markets. Mr. Weir specializes in identifying opportunities for acquisition, turnaround, restructuring, and monetizing. Mr. Weir’s extensive experience over the past twenty (20) years has focused on building, restructuring and managing public and private companies.

Mr. Weir travels extensively in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe for business and personal interests. He has developed a keen appreciation for global issues and maintains close relationships with business associates, political figures as well as family and friends overseas. Keen international insight and ability to develop strong and lasting relationships with key political and financial figures, customers, vendors, and partners is a critical asset Mr. Weir brings to 7CGEO.

Professional Experience

Mr. Weir has invested, owned and operated businesses across several sectors, including defense (CEO General Stability / BHI weapons mfg. and training provider for USG and foreign governments) , entertainment (Executive Producer at Paramount Studios), software service provider (CEO MIT- SAP / IBM partner) banking services (Visa & MasterCard ISO and Software services provider), hospitality (co-owner of Lucky 7 Bourbon, Beso Hollywood, Kitchen 24, and Off The Shelf Catering) food & pharma (co-owner of GSI Foods GSI Pharma). In the past 20 years Mr. Weir has arranged in excess of one billion dollars in credit facilities and equity for several projects in the U.S. and abroad.  

Mr. Weir is a member of the Nobel Charitable Trust Board of Directors, Cross Deck UK Board of Director. As President and Chairman of MIT (Millennium Information & Technology) he was recognized by the IBM Corporation, receiving the prestigious Beacon Award in 2008. 

Prior to embarking upon his entrepreneurial endeavors, Mr. Weir established himself as a valued executive in corporate America. His last corporate post, was as Regional Vice President for Rohm Electronics, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. As Regional Vice President, Mr. Weir negotiated manufacturing and cross border sales agreements between the United States and Asia and was responsible for sales in excess of $500 million in his territory. Prior to Rohm Electronics, Mr. Weir worked his way up through the ranks at Future Electronics, Bell Industries and Rockwell Financial as a financial planner and securities broker holding Series 7, 63, and 65 licenses.  Mr. Weir gained invaluable experience in all aspects of operations, production, financing, and management, experience that has defined his management style and formed a solid foundation for the success of Mr. Weir’s current endeavors. 

Mr. Weir’s career started in the U.S. Navy, where he was instrumental in the testing, development and program management of electronic weapons and navigation systems for naval fighter aircraft. While attached to VX-4 NAS PT Mugu, Mr. Weir’s duties focused on the testing and development of AIM-9, AIM-120 AMRAAM, F-14/AWG-9/AIM-54 mix test program, specializing in advanced Waveguide, Doppler and Phased Array systems. This experience in electrical engineering provided practical knowledge that has proved invaluable in identifying and developing corporate opportunities. Mr. Weir attended U.S. Naval Electrical Engineering School.  Mr. Weir attended the University of California Santa Barbara. Mr. Weir speaks English and Swedish.


Mr. Weir is an avid explorer who enjoys Alpine skiing, hunting and scuba diving. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California where he enjoys spending time with his wife and four daughters.