Our Story

The story of 7CGEO began in the austere environments of Africa and the Middle East. Our Senior Partners have decades of experience working with the US Government around the world as part of tier one military organizations and intelligence agencies, from running stability operations and humanitarian projects throughout the MENA region, to asymmetric and kinetic activities on the battlefields of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The requirements for working in such environments often entail creative organizational structures combined with technologies that allow personnel on the ground to get the job done. In 2017, Seven Continents Global Expeditionary Operations (7CGEO) was created as a platform enhancing organization with the idea in mind that whether it be a U.N. organization in the middle of the Congo, or a Mega Yacht along the coastline of Gozo in Malta – every organization and entity needs a Threat Intelligence Platform. These organizational enhancing platforms illuminate threats and create processes allowing organizations to mitigate risks and maneuver whatever obstacles confront them, both now and in the future. Whether that be looking at the planning and execution of a global exploration project to the ends of the earth or locking down your personnel and assets on a fact-finding mission to Misrata, beyond the Libyan capital of Tripoli. Our Senior Partners have experiences that range from receiving the prestigious IBM Beacon Award to being elected Fellow of the prestigious American based Explorers Club having completed more that 160 plus trips and expeditions to the African continent and beyond. Our partners and personnel speak multiple languages and understand what it means to live in environments where both your personnel and assets are risk. 7CGEO excels at bringing together the right technologies, organizational processes, and personnel in order to bring clarity and success to any undertaking no matter how large or remote the location. From cyber to conventional security, whether ground based or maritime – 7CGEO has you covered.